Broken Device, Broken Life

Coverage for Businesses

Accidents happen everywhere, even at work, and as smartphones, tablets, and portable computers become more commonplace for workers, so too do the inevitable cracked screens, crashed operating systems, and physical damages. At Pueblo Wireless Doctor, we aim to provide businesses dependent on mobile devices a way to quickly and efficiently repair their devices without losing data and valuable working time.


Insurance is great, but it can often take weeks to receive a new device after an insurance claim. And as if that weren't enough, you lose all of the valuable data from your device. As a business, your devices will be prioritized for repair in our shop, and in most cases, your devices will be returned to you same day*, allowing you to get back to work faster and with minimal loss to productivity. You'll also be able to keep all of your data**, freeing yourself from the hassle of setting up a completely new device and restoring it (if you even have a backup). Employees of businesses that contract with us will also receive discounts on repair of their personal devices.


We make every attempt possible to provide our clients with flexible plans. The three options below are our basic options, but we encourage businesses to collaborate with us to customize a plan so that it best fits them. Prices will vary depending on the types of devices that you use, what type of business you are, and some other small factors.

Basic Discount

With the Basic Discount option, your company is entitled to discounts on the regular prices of our repair work, as well as discounts on diagnostic assessments, software troubleshooting, and other services. You will also receive a discount on bulk repairs (5 or more devices).

*Device must be taken in 2 hours before close

** We make every attempt possible to preserve your data, but in some cases, data loss still occurs, especially with issues related to the operating system. Pueblo Wireless Doctor LLC is not responsible for data lost during repair.