Broken Device, Broken Life


   We are a start-up company and do not yet operate our office h, but we do believe 100% in great customer service.  We have office hours and techs out in the field so you can schedule an appointments to have your products and service looked at

Office Hours:

Monday:     11am to 630pm Appointments 

Tuesday*:   11am to 630pm  Appointments   

Wednesday: 11am to 630pm Appointments

Thursday*:  11am to 630pm Appointments

Friday:       11am to 630pm Appointments       

​Saturday:        Appointments Only


Fixing smartphones can get expensive, so at Pueblo Wireless Doctor we aim to provide exceptional repair work at a price that is fair and competitive. Below is a list of common phones and tablets and the price to repair them:


iPhone 5LCD and Digitizer 55.00
iPhone 5CLCD and Digitizer 
iPhone 5SLCD and Digitizer 
iPhone 6Glass Only55.00
iPhone 6+Glass Only55.00
Galaxy S3LCD and Digitizer 
Galaxy S3Glazz Only55.00
Galaxy S4LCD and Digitizer 
Galaxy S4Charging Port55.00
Galaxy S4Glass Only55.00
Galaxy S5LCD and Digitizer 
Galaxy S5Glass Only55.00
Samsung NoteLCD and Digitizer 
Samsung NoteGlass Only55.00
Samsung Note 2LCD and Digitizer 
Samsung Note 2Glass Only55.00
Samsung Note 3LCD and Digitizer 
Samsung Note 3Glass Only55.00
iPad 1/2LCD and Digitizer 
iPad 1/2Glass Only55.00
iPad AirLCD and Digitizer 
iPad AirGlass Only55.00
iPad MiniLCD and Digitizer 
iPad MiniGlass Only55.00
iPad Mini RGlass Only55.00
Samsung Note 4Glass Only55.00
Samsung Galaxy TabletGlass Only55.00
Sam AvantGlass Only55.00
Samsung Note 4Camera Lens55.00
Droid DNAGlass Only55.00
Nokia Lumia 625Glass Only55.00
ZTE MegaGlass Only55.00
Nokia Lumia 822Charging Port55.00
Surface Pro3Glass Only55.00
Google Nexus 5Glass Only55.00
LG G2Glass Only55.00
LG Optimus Pro GLCD and Digitizer 
Sam Gal MegaGlass Only55.00
Nokia Lumia 822Glass Only55.00
LG G3Glass Only55.00
Droid Ultra MaxxGlass Only55.00
ZTE X MAXLCD and Digitizer 

*Prices are based of supply and demand subject to change at any time.

Our Philosophy

Smartphones and tablets are expensive, so breaking them can sometimes feel like the end of the world. Many times, your wireless provider or the company you bought the device from won't cover physical damage under their warranties, so what are you to do? Enter Pueblo Wireless Doctor. We strive to not only provide outstanding repair work, but also outstanding customer service and warranties for our repairs.